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There is an optional uniform at Preschool which can be purchased here. At this young age we don’t believe in enforcing a dress code, we simply want them to be comfortable and ready to learn.

Some reasons given for choosing to wear the uniform include, in the same way adults change into different clothes for work and play, having a uniform for preschool can help a child feel connected to their teachers and their classmates. Changing into their school uniform can also help them mentally and emotionally transition from home to preschool. Uniform can also help minimise the impact on their ‘normal’ clothes with all the outdoor activities at Mickle Trafford Preschool – they will get mucky!

It is possible to order hoodies which can be personalised with a printed name if you wish, via an alternative supplier, please contact the manager/administrator for more details. We also often have preloved uniform available and just ask for a pound or two donation.